Michelle | Albuquerque, Bernalillo

March-23-2023 Bark busters rating

We were amazed at how much we have learned after the initial lesson. And after just 1 day, we can tell a difference with the new techniques we have learned.

BarkingJumping upPullingSeparation anxiety

Sarah | Cedar Crest

May-28-2022 Bark busters rating

The lesson was so helpful and informative. I really did notice a difference in Milo's leash behavior after one session of the new techniques. Pretty amazing.


Leslie | Albuquerque

April-03-2020 Bark busters rating

We were very pleased with the strategies that Jim taught us to use with our dog Ellie.The strategies make sense to Ellie and over time and with continued training she has learned to follow our lead.Because she was a rescue dog and because she experienced an attack by another dog that resulted in injuries, Ellie exhibited a lot of anxiety. After the attack she was afraid to go outside and had night terrors. By using the techniques and with time and patience Ellie is much calmer.

BarkingJumping upRecallSeparation anxiety

Lynn | Albuquerque

July-18-2019 Bark busters rating

The therapist first listened carefully to the concerns I had about my dog's behavior. He then helped me to prioritize the behaviors that concerned me most. Even though he (my dog) was in charge, I felt that we developed together a cohesive easy to follow plan to help make both the dog and myself happier companions. I appreciated the rationale he gave me for each modification of my dog's behavior. He was slow and methodical and I understood each step. I felt he truly was an expert. We practiced some of the exercises. My main feeling was one of empowerment in having control of my dog. After the three hour session I am really getting valuable knowledge for my money. Totally worth it!

AggressionBarkingHyperactivityJumping upPulling

Sandra | Albuquerque

December-31-2018 Bark busters rating

I received great info on why my dogs are acting the way they do and what is needed to help them become the happy dogs they are meant to be.I saw an immediate response to jumping (my grandkids came over at end) and Rusty behaved like he hasn't before. I must admit I got so much info on exercises to do with him, I forgot what they all were but the materials re-explained them (thank goodness) and the ability to call the trainer for added info has already been used.

Jumping upRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxietyOther

Laura | Rio Rancho

December-20-2018 Bark busters rating

Charlie is like a whole different dog. He's calm,he sits at our feet to be picked up and the barking is very minimal. Some days not at all.We are Very satisfied.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Anna Maria | Albuquerque

December-05-2018 Bark busters rating

Jim took the time to listen to me and let me explain our situation.It is complicated.He was a tremendous help.We still have a way to go, but I saw a difference in just 24 hours. I wish I found Bark Busters earlier. So nice to know Jim is so available to us.

AggressionHyperactivityJumping upSibling rivalrySeparation anxietyOther

Sarah | Las Lunas

August-30-2018 Bark busters rating

I have a lot less anxieties myself knowing my baby isn't so anxious. Love Bark Busters !!

BarkingJumping upSeparation anxietyToileting

Josh | Albuquerque

July-08-2018 Bark busters rating

We've been very happy with the changes we've seen in Artemis. His behaviors were unacceptable and the trainings we tried previously weren't much help.Artemis would bark and sometimes nip at guests, taking him for a walk was a nightmare due to his pulling, and he'd even bark at us when we weren't doing what he wanted:He definitely had us trained. We were very stressed about managing him, but now he's a much better behaved member of the family and we know how to manage his behaviors and he's improving to the point that he's well behaved with fewer and fewer corrections necessary. While we've had a few weeks where we've lapsed on our daily trainings, we're well on our way to where we want to be. Thanks Jim!

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingSeparation anxiety

Isabel | Albuquerque

April-08-2018 Bark busters rating

Jim was very knowledgeable and overall amazing. We are beyond excited to see a change in our dogs and to build a better relationship with them.


Kathy | Rio Rancho

February-08-2018 Bark busters rating

Very helpful techniques which actually work! 80% improvement in 1 month. Relief and assurance that I can keep my dog!

AggressionChewingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Dawn | Placitas

September-06-2017 Bark busters rating

Improvement seen in all three dogs after 3 days.

AggressionRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Paulette | Albuquerque

July-24-2017 Bark busters rating

Jim's advice and training techniques have proved to be invaluable.My home life with my dogs is much more peaceful and they are happier dogs. Before Bark Busters all three dogs were constantly competing for attention which led to chaos and fighting. I will continue to practice the techniques making me a better dog owner and pack leader.

AggressionBarkingRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Grant | Albuquerque

April-02-2017 Bark busters rating

Jim answered each of my questions thoroughly in an easy understandable and tangible manner.Within the first visit I have noticed a change in my dog's behavior. I feel confident with the methods Jim shared with me to be effective in training my fearful dog Buddy. Thanks Jim !

AggressionJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Lauren | Rio Rancho

March-15-2017 Bark busters rating

We want to make sure we create a positive relationship and environment with our dogs. Jim was great in providing tons of information in a way that was easy to understand and practice. I'm sure all of what we learned will lead to a great experience for us all.

Jumping upPullingRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxietyToiletingOther

Harold | Albuquerque

September-14-2016 Bark busters rating

Buddy is already responding. Today he walked almost entirely with a loose leash, at my side! The vocal correction is working also-stopped barking at workers and people coming to the door.


Jessica | Albuquerque

September-08-2016 Bark busters rating

Really gave us a lot of helpful information. Gave us a clear picture of why we do what he told us to do which allowed us to work with Bobby in any situation. Bobby has really bad separation anxiety , but is definitely improving. Thanks SO much!

PullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Rebecca | Albuquerque

June-07-2016 Bark busters rating

Jim worked wonders with my dog Charly in just two days! He gave me great techniques and tools to aid Charly in overcoming jumping , barking, and some major separation anxiety. Would definitely recommend to family and friends!

AggressionBarkingHyperactivityJumping upRecallSeparation anxiety

Kerryanne | Albuquerque

June-03-2016 Bark busters rating

The dogs responded quickly to the training and it's made a huge impact on everything. My roommate's dogs have also improved immensely, especially her jack russell with recall. Couldn't be happier!

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Meg | Bernalillo

February-29-2016 Bark busters rating

The concepts are fascinating and by in large seem to be working.

BarkingJumping upPullingPuppy managementOther

Donna | Albuquerque

February-27-2016 Bark busters rating

We liked Jim's approach to training and found him extremely informative about dog psychology and appropriate human interaction (as well as inappropriate interaction). We selected Bark Busters because they were coming to our home to spend time getting to know us, our dogs, and the way we interacted. Jim listened to all of our questions and responded to all of our concerns. It was an excellent experience.

AggressionJumping upPullingRecall

Gary | Albuquerque

February-11-2016 Bark busters rating

Great. Jim is a well educated man with his job.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxietyOther

Dottie | Bernalillo

February-08-2016 Bark busters rating

Jim is amazing. The method is so doable. I have already recommended Bark Busters to three families.


David | Albuquerque

November-29-2015 Bark busters rating

The training was very clear and going through the examples really helped to "solidify" things.Both of our dogs seemed to catch on quite quickly. We appreciate how non-violent the training is! Learning these techniques show us how untrained many of our friends' and families' dogs are.

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Sarah | Rio Rancho

November-29-2015 Bark busters rating

We were given a lot of information on how to correct problems, and new ideas that we didn't even hear of on the internet or other sources. Puppy seems to be learning and responding better.He is still a puppy so we have to be patient. The trainer helped us understand how to communicate effectively with our dog. We thought it was mainly the puppy but realized we were sending mixed signals.

ChewingDiggingJumping upPullingPuppy managementToiletingOther

Christina | Rio Rancho

November-21-2015 Bark busters rating

Great info. Will probably need a review . Lot's to absorb. Jim is very knowledgeable. Looking forward to more sessions.

Jumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallSeparation anxietyToiletingOther

Kate | Albuquerque

July-07-2015 Bark busters rating

Jim was very knowledgeable and explained everything very clearly. I could tell my dogs were responding well to the corrections. I really like the training philosophy and lifetime support aspect. I learned a lot of new material and reinforced some things I had already implemented.

AggressionJumping upPullingRecall

Mark | Albuquerque

June-19-2015 Bark busters rating

Good initial session Jim. I appreciate your patient and kind approach.


Sarah | Albuquerque

June-04-2015 Bark busters rating

Cow was very responsive to the training, I'm amazed! The training techniques are fun for me and Cow seems calm afterwards.I wish I had done this sooner.

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Ty | Albuquerque

March-13-2015 Bark busters rating

Everything we were taught made sense!

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingSeparation anxiety

Staci | Albuquerque

January-30-2015 Bark busters rating

We are excited about this new technique. Jim is a really great trainer and had a lot of tips/hints for us. He came highly recommended to us and now we know why.

Puppy managementToileting

Mary | Rio Rancho

January-28-2015 Bark busters rating

Jim did a great job in introducing us to Bark Buster techniques with explanations and examples.He answered our questions without hesitation. Overall we are satisfied and are looking forward to working with Jim, a pleasant and down-to-earth gentleman.

HyperactivityJumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallSeparation anxiety

Carolyn | Albuquerque

January-19-2015 Bark busters rating

Trainer was very confident about training techniques which in turn made me feel confident.

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Carolyn | Albuquerque

January-15-2015 Bark busters rating

I'm not sure how frequently he deals with spouses who differ in their ideas of training , but he was very empathetic and convincing with our "difference of opinion".

AggressionBarkingPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Cindy | Placitas

November-12-2014 Bark busters rating

Jim did an excellent job tailoring the training to the needs of our dog. Great explanations and practical approach to getting us where we need to be in developing the right relationship- Very much appreciated!

AggressionJumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallSeparation anxiety

Lang | Albuquerque

November-08-2014 Bark busters rating

The 3 hour session went by very fast. It was fun and entertaining with lots of hands on, and best of all I could see instant results with my dog!

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecall

Courtney | Albuquerque

September-29-2014 Bark busters rating

Jim was very knowledgeable!

AggressionJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Elisa | Albuquerque

September-03-2014 Bark busters rating

I wanted to thank you for all that you have done to help us.Know that we will continue to do the work to help her feel safe and protected. Be well and thank you again for your wonderful philosophy!

AggressionBarkingDiggingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Dawn | Albuquerque

July-21-2014 Bark busters rating

Jim is well spoken and thorough in his explanations and demonstrations. We are so pleased with the progress after just one session!

ChewingJumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallSeparation anxietyOther

Josie | Albuquerque

June-02-2014 Bark busters rating

I loved his demeanor. He was personable and I could tell he loved his work.I felt like a lead canine when we finished for the day!

BarkingPullingPuppy managementRecallSeparation anxiety

Bill | Albuquerque

May-18-2014 Bark busters rating

Definitely saw results by the end of the training. We always recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors.

AggressionBarkingPullingRecallSeparation anxietyToiletingOther

Barry | Santa Fe

January-10-2014 Bark busters rating

Jim did an excellent job of educating and training. Clear instructions and very knowledgeable as well.

ChewingPullingRecallSeparation anxietyToileting

Paulett | Albuquerque

November-23-2013 Bark busters rating

Jim was very thorough with all of his directions.We were excited to begin the training. They are good effective techniques.We have begun to see the improvements in our beloved pet's behavior.

AggressionBarkingDiggingJumping upPullingRecall

Sandra | Rio Rancho

July-27-2013 Bark busters rating

When Jim Landers came to my home I had already been onetime to the ER and one visit to my doctor with dog bites and scratches that were so bad they had become infected.Since Jim worked with her I have not been bitten or scratched. I now have a normal puppy. Thank you Bark Busters. I have my life back and a great dog!

ChewingDiggingJumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallSeparation anxietyToileting

Jill | Albuquerque

May-20-2013 Bark busters rating

As Jim explained the techniques, they made a lot of sense in terms of why they work.We absolutely love the program!! As soon as Jim left I made phone calls and facebook posts to recommend Bark Busters.

BarkingDiggingPullingRecallSibling rivalry

Carole | Rio Rancho

May-15-2013 Bark busters rating

We received much more useful information Bark Busters than from other training programs. It is less hands on than I expected but it is working.

BarkingJumping upSeparation anxietyOther

Mary | Albuquerque

April-18-2013 Bark busters rating

Jim spent a good deal of time to ensure that we understood the training techniques.He provided insight into canine communication and behavior. We like the "hands off" approach.This seems to be a very good approach to dog training.

Jumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallToileting

Randy | Albuquerque

March-09-2013 Bark busters rating

It was nice knowing that we just need to beef up what we were already doing.Our dogs had been stressing us out. It felt initially that we weren't making any headway. That changed after a few rounds of training. We noticed results.It felt great when we saw real change with our male.We are so happy that we stuck with the program. Thank you for helping us.

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Eileen | Edgewood

October-19-2012 Bark busters rating

Jim took his time with us. We were not rushed or hurried along.He used very clear language and examples. as a result we already feel differently about how our dogs behave and how we treat trhem.

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxietyToileting

Alissa | Albuquerque

September-15-2012 Bark busters rating

Jim gave us a very clear understanding of the training techniques. We immediately noticed that our dog was a lot more relaxed and calm as he responded to the Bark Buster method. We were pleased that the techniques do not rely on treats or bark collars, and that they not only help our dog, but us as well. All in all, very helpful and very professional.

AggressionBarkingPullingRecallSeparation anxietyOther

Juan | Albuquerque

July-31-2012 Bark busters rating

Definitely saw results after one day of training. So far have seen tremendous improvement in a very short period of time.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxietyOther

Edmound | Albuquerque

July-19-2012 Bark busters rating

It's been a week. Sam and I met 3 dogs about her size today and she was fine with them! No growling! Very satisfied.


Linda | Rio Rancho

May-06-2012 Bark busters rating

The trainer was very understandable. Noticeable results the next day, using the techniques that I was taught.

PullingRecallSeparation anxietyOther

Peggy | Rio Rancho

April-27-2012 Bark busters rating

I sure hope I can implement all of the great advice!

Jumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxietyToileting

Lana | Sandia Park

April-10-2012 Bark busters rating

The training was very interesting and fun!! We noticed results as soon as Jim entered our home. we're on the first day of training and see a world of difference in our dogs.

BarkingJumping upPullingSeparation anxiety

Susan | Albuquerque

April-10-2012 Bark busters rating

Such a different way of training and working with my girls!

Sibling rivalry

Shannon | Albuquerque

April-01-2012 Bark busters rating

Very interesting and enjoyable training experience. I have already recommended Bark Busters to two coworkers. My dogs need a lot of work, but I am very hopeful. Thank you Jim!

AggressionBarkingChewingDiggingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Dani | Rio Rancho

March-26-2012 Bark busters rating

Normally our dogs would have been demanding our attention with a visitor in our house , but as Jim guided us through the training they were quite content laying at our feet.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Kathy | Placitas

February-23-2012 Bark busters rating

Thank you Jim. Very professional, caring and patient toward our dogs.Noticed immediate results with the puppy, and with the older dogs the next day as we repeated the techniques!

AggressionJumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Laure | Rio Rancho

February-12-2012 Bark busters rating

Very easy to follow, with effective techniques. It's up to me now.Jim was very helpful and made me feel that I can get this to work.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Alexa | Albuquerque

January-31-2012 Bark busters rating

Wow, after the first day Lacie already caught on !

ChewingJumping upPuppy management

Paula | Albuquerque

January-07-2012 Bark busters rating

We are certain that we are one of Jim's most difficult clients. However his patient approach and willingness to move at a slower pace has worked well.

BarkingJumping upPullingSeparation anxietyToileting

Lindsey | Albuquerque

December-20-2011 Bark busters rating

Trainer used verbal and written teaching methods. Our new pup is so well behaved now.I like the "pack"approach.I will recommend Bark Busters in a heartbeat. Training our dogs made me realize how well they are doing and how badly behaved our family's dogs are. They need Bark Busters.

AggressionBarkingJumping upPuppy managementRecallSeparation anxiety

Stacy | Albuquerque

December-19-2011 Bark busters rating

It was a satisfying experience to have some simple , useful and successful techniques after just one session. Immediately, when using these tactics my dog's behavior changed for the better.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Stacie | Placitas

December-04-2011 Bark busters rating

We didn't know what to expect and we were pleased with the results.

HyperactivityJumping upPullingPuppy managementRecall

Anna | Albuquerque

December-01-2011 Bark busters rating

Clear and concise. An obvious professional.

BarkingJumping upPullingSibling rivalry

Michelle | Albuquerque

October-20-2011 Bark busters rating

Precious is doing great. When we travel she does extremely well, from road trips to camping.When we first met Jim and Lorie we were kind of afraid of Precious. We used to call her mini Kujo. I can't believe that she has really calmed down and is as cute as she can be.Thank you Jim and Lorie for getting us through the rough times with her.

AggressionPuppy managementRecall

Matt | Albuquerque

September-08-2011 Bark busters rating

Jim was excellent. We liked the way he was very patient with us and answered all of our questions! very pleased with the techniques. No negative training;we like that!We are very lucky to have found Bark Busters and Jim to be our trainer!

BarkingDiggingHyperactivityJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Shawna | Rio Rancho

August-20-2011 Bark busters rating

Can't wait for more! Mr Landers is very thorough and patient. We're excited for this process.

BarkingChewingJumping upPullingSeparation anxiety

Amanda | Albuquerque

May-14-2011 Bark busters rating

Jim answered all of my questions and concerns. We've seen improvement when I show that I am in charge. I got to learn new things that I would never have thought of.We were very satisfied with the trainer and with the tips he gave us to use.It was worth the money to get help for us and our pet. Thanks!

AggressionJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxietyToileting

Elizabeth | Albuquerque

April-30-2011 Bark busters rating

Jim did an excellent job. I learned valuable information and my dogs even started behaving better by the end of the first visit.

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingOther

Sylvia | Rio Rancho

March-03-2011 Bark busters rating

Jim patiently answered our questions, even when we interrupted him. We saw noticeable results right away. I am happy to get away from the "pinch"collar.

AggressionPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Slayton | Rio Rancho

January-15-2011 Bark busters rating

The flip chart was great for our sons. It gave them a visual to focus on rather than just having to listen.We were surprised and excited to see how easy and fast our puppies responded to the techniques we were taught. Jim makes it very easy for our whole family to participate in the training sessions. We are very pleased with the training we have received: it is really working! We have recommended Bark Busters to several friends.

Jumping upPuppy managementToileting

Stephanie | Albuquerque

January-12-2011 Bark busters rating

I like the "philosophy" of Bark Busters. The trainer is very knowledgeable and patient. I have three very different and rowdy dogs.I sure wish I had called Bark Busters the first time I saw their brochure and not wasted my money on other trainers.

AggressionBarkingDiggingJumping upPullingRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxietyToileting

Jennifer | Albuquerque

January-06-2011 Bark busters rating

Jim used my experiences to help me relate to the training concepts. He understood everything I was saying and he was fun. Bark Busters use techniques that dogs easily understand and they are gentle.The techniques are great.

PullingSibling rivalry

Maya | Rio Rancho

October-05-2010 Bark busters rating

We are pleased with the great response from our dog. She has improved every day.I have gained an awesome amount of confidence in just a few days and my relationship with my dog is happier than I expected!

Jumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Sandy | Albuquerque

October-02-2010 Bark busters rating

The trainer provided specific insight into our issues. Family and friends have already commented on the change they have noticed.The dogs have responded well.

BarkingChewingJumping upPullingSeparation anxiety

Mikah | Albuquerque

September-02-2010 Bark busters rating

Jim was very patient and knowledgeable. Bubba responded to the very first correction. We learned a lot and particularly like the natural training techniques.

AggressionJumping upPullingRecall

Melissa | Rio Rancho

May-30-2010 Bark busters rating

Jim opened our eyes to see why our previous approach was not working,and how to begin to understand how dogs think.Outside barking and leash manners improved within minutes.We are very excited about not using goodies or "prong collars". This is what we have been looking for in effective dog training. Thank you!

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Candace | Albuquerque

January-22-2010 Bark busters rating

After only a few days I noticed a big change in how my dogs behave.

AggressionPullingRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Dani | Albuquerque

November-20-2009 Bark busters rating

We have lived with Venus for the last 8 years and walking has always been a struggle. After one lesson she is like a different dog, walking on the leash nicely. The trainer was very calm. The dogs remained relaxed around him and we have 5 very nervous rescue dogs. Jim has a calm energy that my dogs responded very well to. Bark Busters has created a noticeable difference in our dogs after one visit! I can't wait to practice these techniques on my own.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Karen | Albuquerque

October-04-2009 Bark busters rating

Jim was great! Very knowledgeable with his experience and methods.Easy commands with great results! The techniques weren't abrupt. I liked that the best. This technique showed me that I don't have to be loud with commands to make my pet react. We had fun! The girls were exhausted. They worked hard and so did we!We enjoyed Jim's direction and technique. He explained the methods in a way that made them easy to follow with quick results.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Cindy | Albuquerque

September-29-2009 Bark busters rating

We would like you to know how grateful we are for the care and direction you have provided to us very generously.We have continued to use the thought processes and commands that you taught us. She has come a long way, settling in very well and knows her place is with us.Thank you for your efforts and please know how very much your efforts are appreciated.

AggressionJumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallToileting

Elizabeth | Albuquerque

September-21-2009 Bark busters rating

I especially like Bark Busters because it is a gentle way to train my dogs.

BarkingChewingJumping upPullingSeparation anxiety

Kathy | Rio Rancho

September-21-2009 Bark busters rating

Thank you so much for the time and knowledge you shared with me and my dogs. All the dogs responded right away. We are all a bit happier now. I've told everyone how great you were.

Jumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Becky | Albuquerque

September-05-2009 Bark busters rating

Jim worked miracles with me!I have 2 new dogs!

AggressionBarkingChewingPullingRecallSeparation anxietyToileting

Brandi | Albuquerque

July-27-2009 Bark busters rating

I like the combination of the visual and written materials in addition to the hands on experience.Very pleased with the changes in behavior. Amazing!I look forward to many positive results.

AggressionBarkingChewingJumping upRecall

Jeri | Albuquerque

June-21-2009 Bark busters rating

Trainers were very helpful and didn't make me feel hopeless. Techniques used were easy to use and felt very natural.

AggressionJumping upPullingRecall

Nancy | Albuquerque

June-12-2009 Bark busters rating

They took time to watch our dogs' behaviors and took time with us to explain the reasons why. Very nice and knowledgeable couple who can relate on a personal level.

BarkingJumping upPullingPuppy management

Nancy | Albuquerque

June-04-2009 Bark busters rating

The charts help to make the training techniques understandable. The attention exercise was very effective and I am especially happy with the technique used when someone comes to the door.It was a very productive session. What we most appreciate about our trainers, Jim and Lorie, is how positive and encouraging they always are.

AggressionBarkingChewingJumping upPullingRecall

Trish | Albuquerque

May-22-2009 Bark busters rating

Excellent! I'm so glad we did this!

BarkingPuppy managementRecallSeparation anxietyToileting

Suzanna | Albuquerque

April-02-2009 Bark busters rating

The trainers wer patient, clear and sympathetic to our situation. By the third day of training all 4 dogs were an order of magnitude better and the whole house was calmer. It is a lot of work with 4 dogs but the training works!! It is night and day better in our home and we just got started. Thank you Jim and Lorie!

BarkingChewingSibling rivalrySeparation anxiety

Lynette | Albuquerque

March-01-2009 Bark busters rating

Jim and Lorie are very dedicated to teaching you and your pet! They are comforting yet effective in their knowledge.

BarkingJumping upPuppy managementRecall

Cathy | Albuquerque

December-09-2008 Bark busters rating

Logical approach. TI was amazed by the immediate change in our dog. Thanks.

AggressionJumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallToileting

Colleen | Albuquerque

November-27-2008 Bark busters rating

Jim and Lorie were great at explaining the techniques and would show or explain the techniques again if i didn't understand.My dogs began to listen to me and seemed more calm.It really works and it is a nice way to train your dogs.I enjoyed every moment of it, especially when I saw my dogs change.

BarkingJumping upPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Laura | Placitas

October-24-2008 Bark busters rating

We found everything well explained and tailored to our needs.The dogs responded quickly, particularly to the leash work. The dogs love the training so we do too. I have referred Bark Busters already and used the techniques on other dogs with good results.

BarkingDiggingPullingRecallSeparation anxiety

Barbara | Rio Rancho

October-24-2008 Bark busters rating

My dog is improving with every session. I am very pleased with his progress.The trainers are very patient and well informed and willing to work with you and your dog.


Patricia | Albuquerque

October-10-2008 Bark busters rating

Very excellent process!The approach worked well. Very knowledgeable trainers with good anecdotal information.

AggressionBarkingJumping upPullingRecallOther

Val | Albuquerque

October-08-2008 Bark busters rating

The information given to us helped us to understand how to think like a dog.We are already sharing new things we have learned with our friends. Jim and Lorie have been very helpful. They have been very good about letting us call them to talk about situations that have arisen since our first meeting.

Jumping upPullingPuppy managementRecallToileting

Kitty | Albuquerque

October-04-2008 Bark busters rating

The techniques are simple and very effective.We have enjoyed using them and observing our dog's reactions. The results were almost immediate. It is amazing. This is a lifetime investment in the behavior of our pet. it will make everyone's life happier.

AggressionBarkingPullingSeparation anxietyToileting